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Heat Shrink

Marathon Heat Shrink provides maximum insulation and weatherproofing protection for your cable connections.

Matching industry standard sizes and application, Marathon Heat Shrink provides an economical long term solution in protecting cable connections and splices against age and weathering elements.

Available in 11/13 and 15/17 sizes in 48-inch lengths.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionUMStd Pkg QtyPkg Wt (lbs)
MARHS1113 Tubing, Heat Shrink, 1.3”, 48” Long, BlackEA 6022
MARHS1517 Tubing, Heat Shrink, 1.5”, 48” Long, Black EA4019

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    The Marathon® family of products provides exceptional quality and value. Designed to the highest specifications, including SCTE and UL requirements if applicable, Marathon has been providing high-quality, cost-effective products for communications networks for over a decade.