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2-Audio/1-Video RCA cables

Marathon Premium 3-wire Composite RCA Jumpers provide 2-Audio/1-Video connectivity for DVRs, VCRs, and DVD players/recorders. Product is available in 6’ and 12’ lengths.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionPackaging
MAR3W6COMPJumper, RCA 3-Wire 2 Audio/1 Video, 6’60 Master Carton
MAR3W12COMPJumper, RCA 3-Wire 2 Audio/1 Video, 12’40 Master Carton

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    The Marathon® family of products provides exceptional quality and value. Designed to the highest specifications, including SCTE and UL requirements if applicable, Marathon has been providing high-quality, cost-effective products for communications networks for over a decade.