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Clamps and Connectors

Marathon Ground Clamps and Connectors offer a variety of Broadband and Telecommunication grounding products to suit most grounding requirements.

All Marathon Ground Clamps and Connectors are UL certified, in stock and ready to ship.

Ordering Information

Part Number DescriptionRange of Equal Main & TapInner Box QtyMaster Box Qty
MARG5 Ground Rod Clamp 5/8”* N/AEA100
MARGC5004 Ground Clamp, Vise Type* 6 Sol. - 4 Str. EA 50
MARTGC Clamp, Ground Trailer Beam Square Head* 14 Sol. - 6 Sol.EA50
MARTGCH Clamp, Ground Trailer Beam Hex Head* 14 Sol. - 6 Sol.EA50
MARAJ Clamp, Ground Pipe, Aluminum 1/2” - 1”* #4 AWG - #14 AWG EA100
MARJAB58H Clamp, Ground Rod 5/8”* N/AEA100
MARJ Clamp, Ground Pipe, Bronze* 10 Sol. - 2 Str. EA50
MARGC5 ” Clamp, Ground Pipe, Zinc 1/2” - 1#4 - #14 AWG EA100
MARGP2 Connector, Grounding* 2 Str. - 12 Str. EA50
MARGC167P Ground Clamp Piercing Vise* 8 Sol. - 4 Str. EA50
MARGC5006SH Ground Clamp Vise Type* 8 Sol. - 6 Sol.EA50


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    The Marathon® family of products provides exceptional quality and value. Designed to the highest specifications, including SCTE and UL requirements if applicable, Marathon has been providing high-quality, cost-effective products for communications networks for over a decade.